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Hello – my name is Talbot, founder @ longame


Tal in the Dublin Mountains

What is longame?

A fitness movement and goal-setting app based on research from sport and gaming psychology.

Input your mission and the app encodes it as a unique wearable digital key.

Setting and wearing your mission creates a powerful personal contract keeping you on track.


Everyone likes to think they’re different, but mostly behave the very same, because most people are around average…

But what if, every generation there are some who see better what’s going on, who love being alive, who can’t believe their luck, who get it, but being dispersed through society without community, mostly just live out their lives caught in the same flow of distraction, resentment, fear, delusion and stress as everyone else, yet all the while feeling deep down odd, but…

Thoughts and feelings don’t do anything, only what we do does.

I can’t believe that everyone alive is equally born to conform and fade… can you? What if the odd, the different, could self-identify and say something like:

“Look world, I for one think life is great and I will gladly do, learn, experience and leave the world a better place for my having existed.”

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The mainstream and its expectations, the bullies, the rule-makers, the jealous, the fearful, won’t stop me.”

That would change this world in a generation…

The game now playing out in human society is the short game; quick gratification, consumption, monitisation, distraction and fear.

Meanwhile; technology is becoming more important to the system than people are. We are the millennial generation, with our cool toys and distractions, driving at an uncertain future…

From among us, doers and oddballs who can raise up our heads and hearts for the long game are needed if this planet will become a cool, fun and happy place for us and our descendants. Are you in or out?

What makes us different, the essential, the artists, makers, coders, runners, outsiders, the disruptive tribe that has lived scattered so long, disregarded and ineffective is a willingness to get better at life and make life better by doing different. So let’s step up and see where we can go…


We are an independent start-up based in Ireland – contact us here.




The longame app does something very simple and very powerful: It converts real-life goals into visual keys for printing.

Setting and wearing your mission creates a personal contract.

Keys can be decoded or set to secret. If you make your key secret then decoding it will show only the message: "This is a secret key".

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What it's about...

Be your best - make a personal commitment to your present and future self and for those you love...

Keys are based on the longa symbol;
'longa' (Music) - a sustained musical note (quadruple whole note) appearing primarily in Early music.

Longame is an independent start-up designed to help people get better based on gaming and sport psychology.

Life is a game :-)


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